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No more getting blinded by those high beam glares at night. Introducing the ever so stylish Nightzer™ 2.0.

The HD night vision glasses equipped with anti-glare lenses, reduce eye strain and glare from headlights, streetlights and traffic lights. 
These glasses also improve color, clarity and optical definition so you can see better when driving in wet or dark conditions. 

These Euro-Style wraparounds also fit easily over your prescription glasses and is a style statement in itself.

  • No More Distractions On Roads: Nightzer™ 2.0 sports yellow-tinted night vision lenses that filter harmful blue lights and high-intensity beams from oncoming vehicles. This, in turn, increases visual clarity.
  • Protects your Eyes: These glasses protect your eyes even in the day time from harmful UV rays and prevents eye-straining, headaches caused by long hours of driving.
  • Comfortable to Wear: Nightzer™ 2.0 has an upgraded design which makes it more comfortable to be worn all day even over your prescription glasses.
  • In-Sync with the Modern Style: These glasses are chic to be worn anywhere whether at the beach or when playing golf. They cover your eyes from the sides and protects them from dust when outdoors.

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