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Peel your veggies and fruits with minimal wastage with Peelezy™.

This automatic peeler machine will peel the skins of every fruit and vegetable, in the cleanest and most hygienic way. 

Equipped with dual blades, this machine holds the vegetables in place and using the other blade, effortlessly skins the piece. It does not cut deep into the vegetables or fruits and minimizes wastage of the food.

  • Safer and Hygienic: Using Peelezy™ is a much more hygienic way of peeling the raw fruits and vegetables than by hands. It also guards you against accidental cuts and scrapes that came with manual peeling.
  • Dual Power Mode: Thanks to a handy battery-powered option, this machine can be taken anywhere without looking for an electric connection. It can be powered by both the electrical cord provided or simply by popping in four AA batteries.
  • Saves Time and Efforts: This is the perfect time-saver machine when you have a large meal to cook. It saves your efforts in the meal preparation and is especially helpful when you are running late.
  • Even and Smooth Peel each time: The blades adapt to different thicknesses of different fruits/vegetables and gives a smooth, clean peel every time.
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