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Serve your guests drinks without any spillage with Liqoro™. 

This is a soft drink dispenser that pours soda and keeps your drinks from getting flat until the bottle is empty.

Simply place the dispenser tightly over the mouth of the soda bottle and then flip it upside down to place the dispenser on a flat surface. Open the tap to get fizz-full soda every time.

  • Perfect for Parties and Large Gatherings: Liqoro™ makes pouring soft drinks and beer mess-free and quick which is why it is a hit at any house party or big family dinner.
  • Easy Storage: It is compact and lightweight so you can store the leftover bottle of soft drink attached to the dispenser in the refrigerator too. This will also keep the drink from getting foamy and bland.
  • Can be used Outdoors: Liqoro™ can be used outdoors such as on the beach or garden or the park in a picnic. It can be easily carried and set up anywhere you want.
  • Durable, Washable and Reusable: Made from premium grade food-safe plastic, this dispenser can be washed and reused as and when you like. All standard soft drink bottles fit on this making it versatile to be used for juices and beer bottles too.


  • Material: Premium Quality ABS
  • Color: Red


  • 1 x Liqoro™
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