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Get a perfectly groomed look anytime without a salon visit.

Introducing Shavero™, an all-in-one trimmer that will take care of all your grooming needs from head to toe!

Provided with one big blade and one angled precision blade, Shavero™ allows you to cut/trim both thick hair and light fuzz. You can easily get a fresh haircut, or you can trim your mustache/beard. You can also get rid of the hair around your nose, ears, eyebrows, sideburns, and more.

Being ergonomic and slim, Shavero™ will always give you effortless grooming sessions.

  • Dual Blades: Both the ends of Shavero™ are functional. Use the slide button to switch between the big cutting blade and the micro-precision blade.
  • Portable: Being very small and light, Shavero™ can be easily carried anywhere in your bag or pocket. The personal trimmer comes with a protective cap, making it pocket-safe.
  • Easy Operation: Shavero™ is equipped with a built-in led to avoid any mistakes while cutting. The anti-skid rubber handle also adds to better grip and handling.
  • Multiple Attachments: Each blade come with two different comb attachments. Select a suitable comb attachment to control the length of the hair as desired.
  • Versatile: Shavero™ can be used anywhere on the body to remove unwanted hair. The process is completely painless and causes no skin irritation whatsoever.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade ABS, rubber, and stainless steel, Shavero™ sturdiness, and durability. Precision snap-on guides are provided for superior control.
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