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Maintaining your garden, patio, and driveway will be a breeze now!

Introducing Slashster™ a cordless grass trimmer that removes weeds and unwanted pest laden bushes in seconds all at the touch of a button.

The inbuilt powerful motor rotates at a high speed with any standard zip tie locked on the head of the trimmer. It also has a long retractable stainless steel cord that can be detached and reattached to trim hard to reach places such as tree leaves, creeping plants and vines.

  • Replaces Those Heavy Lawn Mowers: No more investing in expensive gas trimmers or dealing with messy electrical wires. Its cordless design is powerful enough to be the perfect alternative to the hefty machines.
  • Efficient and Time Saver: Slashster™ cuts through the thickest of bushes and low rise weeds effortlessly, making your clean up work a matter of just a few minutes.
  • Safe and Easy Operation: Since Slashster™ uses the zip tie as its main component, it is safe to be handled by children. It can also be transformed into an edger by placing the debris shield on top and give you precision results every time.
  • Perfect for DIY and Professional Garden Maintenance: This powerful gardening tool is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their gardens on their own and also for professionals who provide gardening services.
  • Cost-Efficient: Slashster™ will save a ton of money you used to spend before on the garden and its tool maintenance.
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