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Cleaning away stubborn dirt and grime in seconds!
Hifloxo™, a high-power pressure washer nozzle that will transform your regular garden hose into a powerful jet stream.

One-stop solution for all those hard to reach places, Hifloxo™ comes with dual function nozzles for more versatile cleaning. Designed to blast away deposited dirt and stains from all surfaces, be it the sidewalk, the fence, walls, windows, cars, bikes, scooters, etc. Install it yourself in a minute, it will fit the standard hose, no assistance required.

So, no more harsh chemicals for tough stains and germ causing dirt, get Hifloxo™!

  • Dual Nozzle Heads: Provided with two different nozzles, use it as a jet stream on use it as a spray as required. The jet nozzle channels the water in one direction while the fan spray head spreads the water flow to cover more area at once.
  • Suitable for All Surfaces: You can use it to clean hard surfaces like plastic, glass, wood, metal, brick, or concrete. The force of the water will not cause any damage to the material underneath but effectively remove all kinds of dirt and slime and gunk.
  • Multifunctional: Apart from cleaning, you can use it to wash your vehicles, gardening, and even as agricultural irrigation tool. You can just as easily use it to clean out the drains and clogged pipes too. This will work as a great tool for some home repair projects.
  • Cost-efficient and Time-Saving: Don't wait anymore for intensive cleaning in and around the house. Hifloxo™ guarantees professional-level cleaning. It also saves you time and effort. Use it frequently to keep your house and surroundings cleaner than ever.
  • Premium-Quality Material: Hifloxo™ has been durably constructed with fine grade alloy that makes the tube rust and corrosion-resistant. Premium grade copper has been used for the valve and TPR forms the handle. These constitute the sturdiness of the pressure washer nozzle.
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