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Now, get 24x7 hot water access without bulky heaters!
Introducing Hydrove™, an Instant Hot Water Faucet that can be easily installed in place of your sink faucet to get hot water anytime.

Hydrove™ being a tankless heater provides hot water no matter where you install it. Equipped with an LCD screen, it displays the water temperature which allows you to know exactly if the water is boiling or merely lukewarm. No more waiting for the heater to reach the desired temperature when you can have instant hot water at your disposal.

  • 3 Seconds Instant Heating: Unlike hefty water heaters, this compact heater requires just 3 seconds to heat up the faucet water. This fastens the process, saving your time and effort.
  • Variable Temperature: Can provide both lukewarm or boiling hot water (30°C - 60°C) as preferred. Just turn the knob to switch between cold and hot water as per your needs.
  • Smart Heating Technology: Features a smart heating mechanism preventing any meltdown or overheating. With anti-leakage protection, no more worrying about the maintenance.
  • Easy to Use: Simply install the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. After that, plug in the faucet to the nearest outlet and switch it ON. Once done, just turn the tap on and use the hot water right away.
  • Eases Work In the Kitchen: Whether you have wash fruits, vegetables or boil pasta and spaghetti, Hydrove™ will cut the preparation time in half. You can also prepare baby food and wash the dishes in a jiffy.
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