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Practice your art whenever, wherever with Pixidraw™ 2.0.

An LCD writing pad that is renowned for being easy to use, write and draw anything. Suitable for all age groups, this is the perfect thing that keeps paper wastage in check.

With an 8.5 inches wide digital pad, it can be used for drawing, calculations, memos and just about anything.

  • Pressure Sensitive Technology: Comes with a stylus, Pixidraw™ 2.0 is designed as shatter-proof, non-glaring material that takes the impact of the stylus without scratching the surface.
  • One-click to Erase All: Features an erase-all touch button that quickly removes the written material on the screen so you don't have to waste time on clearing the template when you are done.
  • Battery Powered: It is designed to be cordless with a built-in button battery (Cr2025) that lasts for months. This battery can be replaced whenever needed.
  • Enhances Creativity Skills of children: Pixidraw™ 2.0 makes drawing and sketching more fun for kids. They are motivated to draw more and better on this digital canvas.
  • Ideal to be gifted to kids: This writing pad is is perfect to be gifted to children of all ages. It's easy to use and maintain so you don't have to worry about it being handled carefully.
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