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Keep all your clothes as good as new with Expelint™.

This is a handheld electric fabric de-fuzzer that gently removes lint, fuzz and pilling from old clothes and knitwear. It gives your old clothes a cleaner and new look without harming the fabric.

It can be safely used on coats, sweaters, blankets and fabrics like wool, cotton, fleece, polyester and almost all fabrics.

  • 3 Blade Design: Expelint™ has three angled blades that adjust to all kinds of fabric and is suitable to be used on car seats, carpets, curtains, furniture. It removes lint 3x faster than any other way and is the most inexpensive way to upgrade your upholstery and garment.
  • Safety Lock System: The machine stops rotating if the protective cover over the blades is removed even if the switch is on. This protects you from accidental injuries.
  • One Button Operation: With just one button and a USB Cable you can power up this handy machine. Just gently glide it over any fabric and once done just switch the button off.
  • Cleans in a Jiffy: After you have removed lint, threads or fur from a garment, simply detach the collecting holder from the bottom and toss the residuals into the bin. This makes it a breeze to clean the device after several uses.
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