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Keep your feet and back happy with Pediward™. 

This is a motorized home pedicure kit equipped with ten precision heads to trim, shape and polish your nails effortlessly. 

It is designed with an extra-long handle making it easier for you to reach your feet without bending forward much. 
Just pop in two AA batteries and neat out your toenails.

  • Professional Pedicure at Home: Pediward™ efficiently removes calluses, files toenails, removes cuticles, and makes your feet smooth and soft. Equipped with 10 Attachment Heads: Shaping Cone, Emery Barrel, Felt Cone, Flat Disc, Bullet Cone, Ball Tip, Emery Board, Satin Brush, Diamond Cone and Foot Cone that gives you a professional experience every time.
  • Keeps your back from Hurting: This kit minimizes your manual work like scrubbing, filing, and exfoliating, all without straining your back. It lessens efforts and maximizes precision.
  • Saves Time and Money:  Pediward™ will save you from constant salon trips and spending huge bucks on one session. It will give you the same therapeutic experience each time.
  • Suitable for Manicures too: This kit can be used for manicures and DIY nail arts too. Its cordless design makes this kit all the more convenient to carry and use wherever.
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