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Sew and tailor anything, portability at its best.

Sewezee™ lets you repair, modify, and customize stitches, seams, and hems of any fabric, anytime and anywhere! An electric sewing machine to replace bulky ones and provides similar accuracy, and precise work. Equipped with a Built-in LED, you get better efficiency while the double thread mechanism gives perfect stitch control. Being light and compact, you can easily carry Sewezee™ and stitch like an expert!.


  • Ideal for All Fabrics: Suitable for silk, wool, jeans, leather, denim, hem pants, drapes, holes rips, and almost every type of material. Ideal for all DIY crafters to create beautiful art pieces. 
  • Built-In Guide Light: Work in low light with convenience. A yellow LED light is provided on top of the needle space. This illuminates the work area and allows you to focus better.
  • Easy to Operate: Can be used easily by all beginners, and professionals. Equipped with a thread cutter, it allows you to adjust the tension and speed as preferred, making the job easier.
  • Dual Powering Methods: It can be powered by both household chargers or with 4 AA batteries. So if you need to use it outside your home, simply pop in the batteries and power it up.
  • Perfect for Big Scale Work: Made with high-grade ABS, it ensures sturdiness and durability. Small yet powerful, Sewezee™ can help you perform both small, and professional scale work.
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